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Unique fine jewellery for corporate women


My journey into the enchanting world of Miriam Elizabeth started with a quite magical childhood. I stayed in beautiful Cornish castles, went hiking up grand Lakeland fells and believed I would grow up to be an archeologist. 


I discovered the incredible fine jewellery industry that would soon become my life’s passion whilst at a redbrick university studying my BA in Business and Management, and having strayed from my younger self’s blissful being of living with my head in the clouds.


I was suffering desperately from mental health issues, but learning about the extraordinary gemstones deep within our Earth’s mantle and developing textures which spoke of history and magic, became the things which woke me up with a stride in my step and made those darker days just that little bit lighter.

Salt and pepper 18 karat gold diamond ring


After graduating and having then experienced some of the challenges that the rewarding yet sometimes draining world of corporate business can create, I discovered the magic of the jewels I designed. 

Spending a few moments in my day becoming lost in the calming Bi-Colour Tanzanite ocean on my hand, or the stormy speckles of a Salt and Pepper Diamond, enlivened my imagination and gave me a magical pause in the midst of my day.

The Cartograph fine jewellery collection by Miriam Elizabeth was created for you, to give you your own magical pause.


It is a collection imbued with the deepest of meanings, not only by Miriam at twenty-eight years old, but also by the six year old with her head in the clouds, saying “It’s ok to create your world of magic. You wouldn’t believe just how many people need a little more magic in their lives”.



Diamond earrings inspired by history
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