Salt and Pepper Diamond alternative engagement ring

Salt and Pepper Diamonds set into solid 18 karat yellow gold.

The Castle Keep

  • Grand turrets overlook the fog enshrouded moors of the land, the castle interior decorated with velvet tapestries of burgundy, royal blue and violet. Gilded frames illustrate the faces and lifetimes that have passed through the fortified walls.


    Visiting castles has always been an exciting pastime for me, getting lost in the ideas of candlelit banquets and strolling along the uppermost periphery of the fortress with undisturbed views of the hillside and river weaving. Even more so, the legends surrounding this ancient way of life.

    • Ring size L - L 1/2
    • Salt and Pepper Diamond TCW: 0.45ct
    • Ring band width measures 2.75mm at narrowest point and 6.7mm at widest point
    • Ring band thickness measures 2mm at thickest point