18 karat yellow gold and silver Sapphire earrings

Grey Sapphire set into solid 18 karat yellow gold, fitted with threaded earring posts for utmost security.


Please note, made to order pieces have an approximate timeframe of six weeks, from placing the order, to the jewel being ready to ship.

The Constellations

  • The night sky, lit with the precious moments of each twinkling star. Temporarily hidden to some by the mirage of grey cloud, the clearing brings the greatest of symbolisms: mythology, the past, the unknown, and now, a glimpse into the future for generations to come. They are sparks of magic, there each and every night for us to dream of.


    I remember so vividly, the one and only time that in complete awe, I had the privilege of watching a shooting star make its wonderful way across the depths of the night sky in front of me. Facing Ursa Major, I sat for hours, wondering if I would be so lucky as to momentarily be immersed in a piece of history, a moment that in its entirety would never occur again.

    • Grey Sapphire TCW: 0.6ct
    • Earring measures 11mm at widest point
    • Threaded earring post measures 10mm x 0.8mm