Ocean inspired fine jewellery cuff bracelet

Aquamarine, London Blue Topaz, Blue Sapphire, Blue Tourmaline, and Salt and Pepper Diamond, set into solid 18 karat yellow gold.


Please note, made to order pieces have an approximate timeframe of six weeks, from placing the order, to the jewel being ready to ship.

The Heart of the Ocean

  • The ocean holds the history and the treasures of centuries long past, as though its crashing waves and cliffed coastlines are chapters in the stories of adventure, longing, and exploration, into the uncharted, the deep and the quiet.


    I have long been fascinated with the ocean, it’s history, it’s power and it’s peace, together in harmony. For me, the violent ocean waves have had the ability to calm my darkest worries, and yet instill such a sense of adventure and inspiration in my heart. I have stood on the cliff tops at Bedruthan, staring out at what in reality is the wilderness in front of me, and yet the unknown has felt like home. 

    • Internal measurements: 52mm x 44mm
    • Gemstone cluster measures 14mm x 10mm 
    • Cuff width measures 3.5mm
    • Cuff thickness measures 1.7mm at narrowest point and 2.8mm at widest point
    • Aquamarine: 0.2ct
    • London Blue Topaz: 0.35ct
    • Blue Sapphire: 0.2ct
    • Blue Tourmaline: 0.1ct
    • Salt and Pepper Diamond: 0.035ct