18 karat gold Moonstone, Sapphire and Diamond ring

White Sapphire, Rainbow Moonstone and Salt and Pepper Diamond set into solid 18 karat yellow gold.


Please note, made to order pieces have an approximate timeframe of six weeks, from placing the order, to the jewel being ready to ship.

The Lunar Reflection

  • Standing at the precipice of a grand waterfall, a wash of silver light falls upon the cascading waves and the majestic bordering trees. Moonlight, an ancient light.


    I stand to this day fascinated by the moon, the lunar phases, the way in which the moon dictates our ocean’s tides. The moon holds many a romantic notion, two in love both gazing up at that same moon. When glancing up at the night’s sky, the world around you seems to fade into the distance, a captivating occurrence beautifully overwhelming all else.

    • Ring band width measures 2.5mm at narrowest point and 2.7mm at widest point
    • Ring band thickness measures 1.2mm at thinnest point and 1.55mm at thickest point
    • Moonstone: 0.32ct
    • White Sapphire: 0.2ct
    • Salt and Pepper Diamond: 0.04ct