Tourmaline, Beryl and Diopside fine jewellery

Green Tourmaline, Green Beryl and Chrome Diopside, set into solid 18 karat yellow gold and held upon an 18 karat yellow gold Spiga chain.

The Woodland Realm Necklace

  • Tranquil in their silence, it is a wonder to think of the times that these oak, alder and birch sentinels must have seen. Sheltered under their majestic boughs, those walking through, can feel almost a world apart from the society around them, when they are in the woodland realm.


    Hiking, especially through woodland, has been at my very core since I was a child. We visited the Lake District annually, losing, or should I say finding ourselves in the week’s peace of dense pine trees, undulating fell tops and the ever-calming sound of running water. Through the most warming of suns, the enchantment of heavy snow and the walls of dark rainfall, woodland to me, has always been a magical place.

    • Green Tourmaline: 0.4ct
    • Chrome Diopside: 0.18ct
    • Green Beryl: 0.6ct
    • Pendant measures 23.5mm x 15mm at widest point
    • Spiga chain measures 18 inches